Internet and Social Media Investigations

21st Century threats and challenges play out on the Internet and in Social Media. You need 21st Century tools and investigative expertise to counter these threats and uncover the online secrets you seek.

Internet and Social Media Investigation takes advantage of high-end proprietary data search and evaluation tools to identify and capture information available online and in social media channels – information that could benefit or harm yourself, your company, or other interests. If there is material online that can prove a threat (or could give you a competitive advantage), you need to know about it.

Counter Online Threats

You may discover that a company you’ve done business with has your personal or financial information (like credit card or bank account info) in an unprotected shadow database connected to the Internet. Or maybe someone at your company made that mistake with your customers’ information. There may be information about you, your family, or your company being shared (or threats expressed) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or in discussion forums that could threaten your safety or your business.

If criminals are selling your company or personal secrets on the Deep Web (darknet, hidden web), you would want to stop it or cancel your accounts as soon as possible. You need Internet and Social Media Investigations to manage challenges like these:

Dig Up the Information You Need

Sometimes the knowledge you seek is not about threats. You need a tenacious 21st Century private investigator who thinks outside of the box in his relentless pursuit of information, whether you need help with:

Employ the Most Advanced Digital Investigation Tools

BrightStar Investigations uses the most technologically advanced software available on the market and takes advantage of access to expensive proprietary databases and years of international investigation experience.

Our private investigative firm knows how to monitor social media channels for threats, insights, or the trail of data that will lead to the results you need (learn about Digital Surveillance).

Because we are hacker-savvy and comfortable moving around all parts of the Internet, including the Deep Web/darknet — we can find material no one else can.

But just gathering information is of little value if it is not actionable. BrightStar Investigations controls the capture and presentation of information so that it is usable by security teams, so that it spurs law enforcement into action, or is admissible as evidence in a court case.

Contact BrightStar Investigations today and discover how we can help with your Internet and Social Media investigative needs.

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