Executive Threat Assessment

Protecting your greatest assets — your executive management team — is vital to the continued success of your business.

Senior executives like you and your team are targeted every day. Those who mean your organization harm may try to target you and your family to gain advantage. Others see an easy opportunity for coercing money from rich, vulnerable targets. These often-dangerous criminals seek:

  • Information or photos/videos that can be used for embarrassment, fuel for blackmail, or a scandal to bring you down
  • Access to financial information or accounts that can lead to theft or to compromise through coersion
  • Itinerary and security information about you, or your family, that can open the door to kidnapping for ransom

Some companies do not prepare for these attacks because they think they are somehow immune or such scenarios are so rare, so unlikely. The sad truth is that these attacks happen regularly, but most are never reported in public news channels. (See links to the right: "The threats are real: stories of real executive threats, some thwarted, some carried out.")

Employ 21st Century Tools to Assess Threats

BrightStar Investigations can protect you or other key members of your team by identifying information vulnerabilities that can be used to blackmail the executive, target his or her family, target the company, or cause catastrophic damage to your bottom line.

Many organizations think they have the proper level of security in place to prevent threats to their executives. Most do not. Today's threat-actors use twenty-first century tools that are not effectively protected against by most executive security services, leaving executives, their families, and their companies vulnerable.

Brightstar Investigations uses twenty-first century Internet Investigations tools and proven law enforcement investigative techniques to discover where threats, leaks, and incursions have already happened, and gather evidence of these intrusions to support mitigative action by companies or law enforcement.

Stop Future Threats Through Ongoing Digital Surveillance

Realtime Digital Surveillance techniques can give you peace of mind about future threats. Brightstar Investigations uses advanced tools and proprietary knowledge of today's threat landscape to:

  • monitor and collect actionable information about threats as they are developing
  • monitor criminal Underground and Darkweb websites (where hackers post info about your company and its vulnerabilities)
  • watch social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for posts about executives or family members that could lead to harm
  • set traps to monitor in realtime threats that may develop in the future

It is very likely that there is information about you and your loved ones out on the Internet that is ready to be exploited. You simply must know who is watching you, what direct threats or attacks they represent, and what they are saying about you online. Your family's personal and financial lives are at risk.

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