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Is there someone missing in your life who needs to be found? Perhaps it’s a loved one that’s been missing for years, or maybe it’s someone you need to serve legal papers to and they have gone into hiding.

Regardless of the situation, one this is for certain: our private investigators help find missing persons all the time. Whether it’s tracking down someone who needs to be served papers, finding a debtor, or looking for a lost loved one, we do it all. BrightStar Investigations has a very high success rate at finding people.

Our Successful Missing Persons Searches Include:

We hunted a missing person down who was hiding from service, and served him papers while he was pumping gas. We have tracked down individuals who ran away with children. We have also looked for a teenage runaway and an individual who had been lost for over 12 years. In every case, we were either able to find the person or provide the client with critical information about where the individual might be.

Tracking someone down is extremely difficult for someone with little experience and can lead to nothing but a dead end if the search is conducted without the help of a professional private investigator. By working with BrightStar Investigations, you’ll have the support of private investigators with years of experience and a high success rate of finding missing individuals.

Our private investigators that specialize in missing person searches are dedicated to results – we won’t stop working until we’re able to provide you with answers about the whereabouts of the individual that you are looking for.

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