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When answers just can’t be found, you need the help of a private investigator. BrightStar Investigations can help you shed a light on the truth. Our licensed, bonded and insured private investigators specialize in discreet and thorough investigations.

With a team of investigators that have more than 91 years of combined experience in federal law enforcement, private investigations, and military intelligence, our team provides a wide range of PI Services:

Infidelity Investigations

Do you have a nagging feeling that your spouse or partner is cheating on you? Never ignore your instincts! Let our private investigators help you find out the truth.

Background Investigations

Can’t do employment or tenant screening. I can do investigations for corporations and landlords - but just can’t screen them. GBLA? Or are you are considering a business venture and need to know more about your potential business partner? Maybe you are dating someone and wonder if they have ever been violent towards a partner. Whatever the reason for a background investigation, hiring a private eye can help provide you the peace of mind you are looking for!

Missing Persons

Do you need to locate a missing person? The investigators at BrightStar Investigations have years of experience in tracking down missing persons. Our private detectives have access to hundreds of databases and software that give us a unique advantage at tracking down missing people.

Social Media & Internet Investigations

Social media is very helpful in gathering evidence and uncovering the truth about someone. Our private investigators have access to technologically advanced software that can help uncover things on the internet and social media sites that someone may be trying to hide.

This transition seems a little bi-polar Is there something online that might possibly be a threat to you or your company? Let our detectives find this information for you. We are hacker-savvy and can gather data in a form that is usable by law enforcement. If there is material online that you need to have uncovered, hire a private eye to help you find it.

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