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Best Private Investigators in Denver
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We offer a full range of Denver private investigator services to deliver the peace of mind you deserve, including process serving, investigating a cheating spouse, or ensuring you get custody of your child. We understand that these situations can be complex, frustrating, and simply mentally exhausting. We want to give you the peace of mind knowing that when you are searching online for a "private investigator near me", that you've found one of the best private investigator companies serving Denver, Colorado .

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When answers just can’t be found, you need the help of a Denver private investigator. BrightStar Investigations can help you shed a light on the truth. Our licensed, bonded and insured private investigators specialize in discreet and thorough investigations.

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Client Experiences

Most of our clients are confidential. Listed here are a few:

Prometheus Investigations

We had the chance to collaborate with BrightStar on the French part of an international investigation lead by them. We've been impressed by their expertise in social media investigations.

Chandy K.

BrightStar is amazing. They work fast and effectively to get you the information you need. I am beyond pleased with their work. Very responsive to your needs and are right on top of things. The fees are reasonable and manageable. Communication was great from my investigator. Thank you so much!