Social Media Investigations

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Your case can hinge on the smallest detail or piece of information. You need a highly trained and accurate private investigator to find that critical piece of information that will win the case.

We live our lives online. Your clients and their opponents use the Internet and social media on a daily basis. The Internet is ripe with information that can make or break your case. Trouble is, you don’t have the time or inclination to sift through all the information on the Web to find the critical evidence you need to seal the deal.

Social Media Key Factor at Trial

eDiscovery is crucial to nearly all litigation and internal investigation matters. Social media is just one of many eDiscovery tools available.

  • 674 published cases where social media was a key factor at trial, according to an online legal database search of state and federal court decisions across the United States from January 2010 – November 2011.
  • 80% of law enforcement agencies use social media in criminal investigations, according to a 2013 International Association of Chiefs of Police survey.
  • The annual tally of cases involving social media evidence has doubled each year for the past several years according to John Patzakis, an attorney and C.E.O. of a leading eDiscovery corporation.

Businesses of every shape and size are impacted by social media especially in their duty to preserve the content and the desire to access relevant evidence in litigation.

Protecting Social Media Evidence

The magnification of social media use in any court case just affirms the need for a strong link of custody for all social media evidence. Having a experienced investigative firm on your side that uses the latest technology and best practices is critical to success. BrightStar Investigations will obtain all the evidence you need for trial including proprietary chain of custody fingerprinting.  We have the knowledge, understanding, and state of the art equipment  to help you during trial preparation.


Win Your Case

Internet investigations are an important part of any successful legal strategy. BrightStar Investigations is your partner and resource in this. We take on the task of eDiscovery so you can look to building a strong and solid case. Our quick and professional response builds value to your winning strategy. Working with BrightStar Investigations will give you a stronger case and understanding of your winning over other law firms and your opponents seated at the table.

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