Private Investigators for Social Media, Internet Investigations in Colorado Springs & Denver

Hiring an Internet Detective to Handle your Social Media Investigation

Social media and the Internet have become incredibly helpful tools for private investigators to collect evidence and understand the activities and associations of an individual that is under investigation.

BrightStar Investigations uses the most technologically advanced software available on the market and takes advantage of access to expensive Social Media Investigationproprietary databases and years of international investigation experience.

Our Social Media Investigators take advantage of high-end proprietary data search and evaluation tools to identify and capture key online and social media data – information that could benefit or harm yourself, your company, or other interests. If there is material online that can prove a threat (or could give you a competitive advantage), you need to know about it.

Because our Internet Private Detectives are hacker-savvy and comfortable moving around all parts of the Internet, including the Deep Web/darknet — we can find material no one else can.

But just gathering information is of little value if it is not actionable. BrightStar Investigations controls the capture and presentation of information so that it is usable by security teams, law enforcement, or is admissible as evidence in a court case.


Social Media Investigator Protecting Social Media Evidence

The expansion of social media use in court cases reaffirms the need for a strong chain of custody of all social media evidence. Having a professional social media investigation company on your side that uses best practices and technology is critical to success. BrightStar Investigations will give you the digital evidence you need for trial including proprietary chain of custody fingerprinting. We have the experience, training and technology to help you during trial preparation.

Win Your Case

Social media private detectives are an integral part of any successful legal strategy. When it comes to finding factual evidence on social media, BrightStar Investigations is your secret weapon. We take on the burden of eDiscovery so you can focus on making your case. Our quick and accurate response adds value to your winning strategy. Working with our Colorado Springs & Denver -based Internet Detectives will give you a competitive edge over other law firms and your opponents seated at the table.

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