Using the most skilled Internet Investigators and technologically advanced software available on the market, when our clients call, they know they will get results. Social Media Investigator

Our Process

When BrightStar Investigations conducts an Internet or Social Media Investigation, we have one goal in mind: getting you the answers you need. Our online private investigators use both traditional and cutting-edge investigative methods to gather information from places on the web that people don’t look for.

When needed, we use archival and forensic tools to preserve evidence so that the information gathered can be kept forever or used in court. We deliver world-class reports that are court-ready and can be used for anything from personal investigations, civil investigations, child custody investigations, social media investigations, internet investigations, criminal defense investigations and more.

About Our Internet Investigators

Our Internet Investigators have world-class experience and training on how to look for information on the internet. Our internet investigators have degrees in Intelligence Studies from one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, and our Internet Investigators also have years of experience searching the darkest areas of the internet. Because our internet Investigators are highly trained and have a wealth of experience, they are comfortable moving around all parts of the Internet, including the Deep Web and Darknet — we can find material no one else can.

Don’t Wait

If you need answers online, don’t wait. The longer you wait, the greater the possibility that the information will be erased. Call the social media investigation experts at BrightStar Investigations today.