Child Custody Private Investigator

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No child custody case is ever easy. Whether you’re going through a divorce, reassessing custody arrangements or identifying issues with child support, there are situations where an investigation performed by a child custody private investigator may be necessary.child custody private investigators Colorado Springs

During a Colorado Springs child custody investigation, a professional private investigator will develop a strategy with you to begin a comprehensive and results-oriented investigation.

The highly skilled private investigators at Brightstar Investigations can conduct surveillance on things such as the other party not complying with El Paso County Court orders, engaging in criminal activity, drug or alcohol abuse, and other dangerous situations.

This highly effective surveillance can uncover evidence that may be presented in a Colorado Springs court to give a judge, social worker, guardian ad litem, or opposing counsel a more complete picture of the child’s care under the other parent or guardian. Such evidence can help during highly contentious child custody battles where it’s vital to protect kids from unhealthy influences and abuse.

Investigating Living Conditions

Unfortunately, the parent’s behavior that leads to the divorce or separation may create an inappropriate atmosphere for a child to live in. One parent may seek full custody due to the other parent or guardian’s negligent, irresponsible, or criminal activity; which can include the abuse of drugs, alcohol, or the association with others who do these things.

Sometimes, child custody private investigation cases are less clear. Perhaps one parent is frequently leaving the child with a caregiver who is unable to provide safe care. Possibly the parent drives recklessly or otherwise put’s the child in dangerous situations. A Colorado surveillance investigator can document and establish a pattern of problematic childcare that can help you gain the upper hand in court.

Investigations into Financial Standing

Your child custody and/or support case may also benefit from the financial evidence gathered by a Colorado Springs private investigator. You may suspect the other parent has financial resources that are not being disclosed — thus making you have to pay more in support — or you may believe that the support is being used to fund criminal activity and not going towards the child’s care. A private investigator can also look into these issues and help you get a favorable outcome in court.

What to Expect When Using a Child Custody Private Investigator

It’s important to understand that when you hire BrightStar Investigations in Colorado Springs or Denver, your case becomes our case, and we will work tirelessly to obtain the evidence that your case needs. Our private investigators document what they see with the latest in technologically advanced surveillance equipment that creates a dynamic effect when it is admitted into a custody case as evidence. Our investigators have a thorough understanding of Colorado law and what they can and cannot do so that the evidence they gather is admissible in Colorado Springs city and county courts.

Each case is different, and investigators will create a plan that utilizes the best methods for each situation. The private investigator on your child custody case may use surveillance, may gather video or photographic evidence or may conduct interviews with people like neighbors or parents of the child’s friends. They will be looking for signs that a child is not safe or healthy in his or her current environment, or that the other party is violating court orders, or engaging in substance abuse that endangers the child.

Hire the Best Private Investigation Team in Colorado Springs

When you need a professional and qualified private investigator for your child custody investigation case, or if you are an attorney with a client who needs investigation services, turn to BrightStar Investigations. Our experienced team understands the Colorado Springs legal system and how to gather court-admissible evidence properly, helping you develop an air-tight child custody case.

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