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In some investigative cases, people need to be followed, monitored and documented. At BrightStar investigations in Colorado Springs, we employ experienced surveillance investigators with proven success records to bring clients the best video and photographic evidence available on the market.

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Surveillance Case Studies


In 2015, we received a call from a man who suspected his wife was cheating on him. We obtained video evidence that the wife was meeting frequently at a hotel with a man who had worked on the family’s property. The husband was able to use this evidence to make an informed decision about his marriage.

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Our team surveil **suspected** drug traffickers from over a mile away. Using a number of techniques, we were able to obtain intelligence which assisted our attorney in winning a highly contested probate case.

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the act of covertly observing, documenting and recording an individual with the intent of learning more about that person's associations, activities, and movements - Day or Night - Rain or Shine.

Surveillance is often used to gather evidence in almost all types of investigations, including; cheating partners, child custody cases, divorce proceedings, missing persons, theft, criminal investigations, and more.

At BrightStar Investigations, our private detectives conduct various forms of surveillance to get the best possible answer for our clients. We conduct various forms of surveillance to get the best possible answer for our clients. We conduct static surveillance (sitting in a car), mobile surveillance (following a subject in a car), foot surveillance (following a subject on foot), and undercover surveillance (blending in and infiltrating a venue such as a bar or social situation). The surveillance that we conduct is legal, and our surveillance operators are absolute professionals.

Why is Surveillance Important?

One of the most important functions that we perform for our clients is surveillance. Many of our investigations require that we watch our subject, and surveillance is one of the most effective and proven methods of getting tangible answers. When we conduct surveillance we blend into our surroundings. We operate in secret, day or night, rain or shine.

Once surveillance is completed, our clients receive a high definition DVD and a professional report. All of our DVDs and reports are court-ready in the event that litigation is anticipated.

Surveillance is Reliable Evidence

Surveillance on both HD wireless security camera systems and in person makes it possible to collect critical evidence in a way that it could never have been collected before. Whether you’re preparing a legal case or determining if your spouse is faithful, having reliable evidence to bring forward is critical to making the right decisions.

Conducting a successful investigation without the help of a professional surveillance investigator is almost impossible. Without a private detective, you would have to invest in expensive surveillance tools and take time off of work and daily responsibilities. Even with the right tools, conducting a covert operation requires training and skill. By enlisting the help of a professional Colorado Springs private investigator, you can collect information for your case in an effective, efficient and confidential way.

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Using the very latest in surveillance technology, our private investigators gather the evidence you need in a confidential and discreet manner.

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