Cyber Bullying

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It’s Not Just Kids Stuff Anymore

If you are being Cyber Bullied, you came to the right place. We want to start collecting evidence for you NOW so that you can put a stop to the Bullying.

When you turn on the news, it seems as if Cyber Bullying dominates the headlines. The anonymity of the Internet has enabled this hurtful behavior to explode. Chances are your child is currently or has been the victim of a Cyber-Bully.  Did you know that nearly 60% of children admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online? In addition, being bullied online doesn't magically stop when you reach 18. Adults are often attacked and harassed online too. We can start collecting evidence to help stop the humiliation and give you peace of mind, and justice.

Cyber Witness

When you are being Cyber-Bullied, you need a witness. BrightStar Investigations uses a proprietary ‘Cyber-Witness’ evidence collection methodology to archive what the Cyber-Bully has said in the past, and what the Cyber-Bully is currently saying—IN REAL TIME! Every terrible word, picture, comment and threat will be documented, archived, and assigned a unique digital fingerprint. That’s right! When you use BrightStar Investigations to gather evidence against your Cyber-Bully, your investigator will use technology that can be presented to a lawyer, school administrator, supervisor, or law enforcement agency. Let BrightStar Investigations give you the power to put a stop to your Cyber-Bully. NOW!bully

The Consequences Can be Dire

Sadly, victims of cyber bullying are from two to nine more likely to consider committing suicide.  Don’t let you or your child be at risk and think no one cares. You need to be proactive and seek help because Cyber-Bullying has real emotional and psychological consequences. BrightStar Investigations will be you or your child’s advocate to help gather evidence, and get the justice that is deserved.