Need Papers Served? We Deliver Elite Process Serving in Colorado Springs.

Process Server Colorado Springs

Our trained and experienced process servers ensure that your documents are served quickly and accurately.

BrightStar Investigations, we will serve anywhere in the State of Colorado at any time, but our papers serving services is primarily conducted in Colorado Springs and greater El Paso County. There also is no limit to what we will serve.

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Types of Papers We Serve

Our process servers have experience serving all types of papers in all types of scenarios. Our Colorado Springs process servers can deliver paperwork for, but not limited to:

Serve Papers Service Colorado Springs

  • Divorce Papers

  • Child Custody Papers

  • Subpoenas

  • Mall claims papers

  • Lawsuit Related Papers

  • Citations and Petitions

  • Summons

  • Complaints

  • Protective & Restraining Orders

  • Collection Letters

  • Wage

  • Garnishments

  • Child support

  • Demands

  • Eviction notices

  • Civil summons

  • And more!

No matter what your situation is, we work aggressively at getting your papers into the hands of those who need them.

Experts in Difficult Serves

If you are concerned about a difficult serve papers service, let us put your mind at ease. Process serving is an important function in your legal journey. It should be a smooth process, but as in all things in life, there is always someone out there who wants to make things difficult. When someone decides to dodge service or hide from process servers, it can make you feel helpless. The professional process servers at BrightStar Investigations are experts at serving papers in situations that feel hopeless. You can rest assured that when you have to serve legal process in difficult situations, our process servers are experienced, savvy, and have a never quit attitude.

How long will it take to have someone served?

When we receive calls from clients needing papers served, they all have different situations and timeframe needs. We have had situations where clients needed a paper served in the next two hours, and we also have clients that are flexible on a timeframe and need the papers served in one or two weeks. A typical timeframe for getting a paper out for service is one to three days. However, if you need a paper served on the fly, we can make that happen as well.

Sometimes clients need us to serve papers at a specific location, such as a meeting or at work. When asked, we will serve papers at any location, except inside houses of worship or funeral homes. No time of the day is too difficult for us. In fact, we enjoy challenging situations. If you need to serve someone in a specific location, our process servers are ready to be there.

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What is process serving?

Process serving is a service that involves notifying individuals or companies that legal action has been taken against them and provides them with the opportunity to respond. While most people know process servers deliver papers for court cases, many don’t realize all the different types of legal documents that can be served. Our serving papers service in Colorado Springs can include citations and petitions, summons and complaints, subpoenas, protective orders, restraining orders, notices, and writs. In addition, the following can also be served: divorce papers, collection letters, garnishments, child support, eviction, civil summons and complaints.

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A legal & private process server can also file papers with a court on your behalf. Often a person must be tracked down in order to be served papers, so you might also want to hire a private detective from BrightStar Investigations to help with its elite Skip Tracing services. BrightStar Investigations offers a wide range of private investigator services for our clients in Colorado Springs and Denver. Hiring a private eye is now easier than ever.

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Do I need a process server?

Hiring a legal and private process server in Colorado Springs is a critical step in proceeding with a court case. Professional process servers are knowledgeable and experienced with legislation surrounding the service of process, as there are a number of constraints and requirements associated with serving legal documents that vary from county to county in Colorado. If the serving of papers is not done in accordance with the law, your case may be delayed or even result in dismissal. Let BrightStar Investigations take the guesswork out of the process.

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Why BrightStar Investigations?

Serving an individual with legal paperwork requires creative, fast-paced thinking. Our professional PI team is licensed, fast, reliable, and knowledgeable about the requirements of the Colorado legal system. Our elite private investigators in Colorado Springs and Denver have years of proven experience in all aspects of process serving, ensuring you the best results.

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Need to move fast?

Our private investigators give you exclusive attention and can meet any special requirements that you might have. Our private and legal process servers are efficient, serving your documents quickly and accurately.

BrightStar Investigations works with a variety of clients, including legal companies, public offices, privately owned businesses, and individuals.

Whether you're looking to hire a private eye or in need of other detective services make sure to peruse all of the PI services at BrightStar Investigations.

If you need to deliver legal documents quickly and efficiently, trust the experienced team at BrightStar Investigations to get the job done – contact us today.