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Why Do Spouses and Lawyers Hire A Private Investigator for Divorce in Colorado?

Finding the Truth After Losing Trust by Hiring a Private Investigator

When people first get married, it can be hard to imagine that a day will come where they hire a private investigator to look into their spouse’s behavior. But when a marriage deteriorates and divorce looms on the horizon, the trust that is the bedrock of a successful partnership is usually gone. Lost trust can lead to suspicion and doubt that a spouse may not be truthful about their personal, sexual, or financial conduct.

Uncovering a spouse’s misdeeds can be critical in Colorado Springs or Denver divorce proceedings. Finding the truth may impact child custody, support, and visitation issues, property distribution, and spousal maintenance issues. With so much on the line, it’s no wonder why so many attorneys and spouses hire a private investigator for divorce in Colorado.

Here are three ways PIs help in divorce cases:

Hire a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Infidelity often proves the cause (and symptom) of a marriage ending in divorce. But suspicion of adultery is one thing, confirming that a spouse is being unfaithful is quite another. The greater the suspicion, the more effort the cheating spouse will make to cover their tracks.

While discovering infidelity can be emotionally traumatic, it can also give the innocent spouse an advantage in divorce proceedings. Proof of adultery can sway a judge when making decisions about spousal support. Faced with evidence of their betrayal, a cheating spouse may also be more likely to agree to a favorable settlement rather than having their affair exposed in a courtroom and, by extension, the public.

When you hire a skilled and discreet private investigator or agency, they can use a range of methods and techniques to catch a cheating spouse, including advanced surveillance involving equipment and technology unavailable to others.

Additionally, the proprietary methods and technology that exceptional private investigators use allow them to uncover evidence of infidelity on computers and social media accounts, restoring and archiving complete Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, including supposedly deleted posts.

Discovering Hidden Assets and Accounts

During a Colorado divorce proceeding, there is ample motivation for a spouse to be less than honest about the state of their finances in an effort to reduce their spousal maintenance or child support obligations or skew property division decisions in their favor.

Even though Colorado law requires divorcing couples to make full disclosures about their respective assets and liabilities, there are countless ways a spouse can manipulate those disclosures through “creative” accounting and concealing assets.

When these attempts to deceive the other spouse – and the court – are successful, they can result in asset division and financial arrangements that are inherently unfair, based as they are on a deceptive picture of the parties’ finances. In fact, the more complex a couple’s finances, the easier it can be to play games with the numbers and keep assets hidden – unless someone has the experience, skill, and determination to expose such fraud.

Private investigators can dive deep into a person’s finances and uncover undisclosed investments, flagrant and excessive spending, and anything else related to the movement or concealment of money. PIs also have access to restricted proprietary databases that contain valuable intelligence they can use to locate financial assets domestically and overseas.

Child Custody Issues

Child custody and visitation are often the most contentious issues in a divorce. We often work with Colorado child custody lawyers where we see first hand that custody battles are also the most consequential, as the decisions made by the parents or the court will have a profound impact on the child’s well-being and their future.

Colorado courts make custody decisions based on what’s in the best interests of the child. Evidence that suggests or shows that one parent neglects or abuses a child, exposing them to dangerous and inappropriate people or environments, or abusing drugs or alcohol can make a judge question a parent’s fitness.

A private investigator can uncover proof of harmful parental behavior that a divorce lawyer can use to make a strong case against that spouse regarding their custody and visitation rights.

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