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The Art of Being Unseen: Easy Surveillance Tips

Surveillance is one of the most common practices private investigators utilize to gather information for a client.  Conducting proper surveillance is an art form in itself and as any season private eye will tell you it is an art that must be perfected. At BrightStar Investigations, we know a thing or two about surveillance.  To bring your next gig to the next level, follow these tips from the experts at BrightStar Investigations.

Surveillance Tips and Techniques from BrightStar Investigations

Tip #1 Choose an Automobile That is Inconspicuous

Your surveillance vehicle should blend in with the surroundings. Avoid using any vehicle that could be presumed flashy or extravagant. As those types of vehicles attract the eye of everyone around.  Stay away from custom paint jobs and bright colors. Your automobile should not be adorned with bumper stickers, vanity plates or any accessories that make your car easily identifiable. If you want to tint your car windows be sure to comply with your state law.  A tint that is too dark could garner police attention, which would almost surely compromise your surveillance.

Tip #2 Scout the Surveillance Location Ahead of Time

This step is very important and should not be skipped. It will help you better prepare for surveillance. Do a quick drive-by of the subject’s house during the day take note of the following things:

  • Do you have the right address?
  • How many cars are present on the street?
  • Will surveillance be possible in this location?
  • Can you exit quickly from the location?

Tip #3 Make Sure You Are Prepared for a Long Day

When you are conducting surveillance, you will not get the chance to run out real quick to grab a bite to eat. Therefore, make sure that you are prepared with enough food and water for the day. Similarly, you can’t just run down the street to the nearest gas station to relieve yourself. So, bring a large plastic bottle or something similar to urinate in. Also, pack an extra set of clothing. Changing your clothing throughout surveillance can help you avoid being noticed.

Tip #4 Don’t Draw Attention to Your Arrival or Departure

It is best to arrive at and depart from your surveillance point at a time when you are not likely to be seen. Move into your surveillance position very quickly. Try to choose a spot that is not too noticeable, such as next to shrubs or large trees. Once you are in position, try to avoid doing anything that will draw too much attention to your car.

Tip #5 Stay Focused

After hours of surveillance, it can be difficult to stay focused. However, it is important to avoid anything that has the ability to distract you. Therefore, resist the temptation to catch up on the latest novel or check out Facebook. It is very important to train your mind to stay focused throughout your entire surveillance period.

Stay tuned to BrightStar Investigations for more mobile surveillance tips.