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Divorce: Smart Reasons to Hire a PI

Many people going through a divorce wonder if they should hire a private detective. Private investigators are often used to confirm suspicions of adultery, but there are other valuable services a PI can provide if you suspect your spouse is being less than truthful.

Why You Should Hire a PI during a Divorce

How Can a Private Investigator Help in My Divorce?

During divorce proceedings, a private investigator’s job is to gather evidence to support allegations against your spouse. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, which means evidence of adultery alone won’t matter much to the court. But there are other factors connected to affairs that the court may consider when determining the outcome of your case

Child Custody Issues

When it comes to determining the custody of children, courts are most interest in facts that illustrate what outcome would be in the best interest of the child. Trained in the science of intelligence gathering, PIs are pros when it comes to interviewing witnesses, gathering supporting documents, and rooting out financial assets. Are you concerned that your spouse is neglecting or abusing your child? From taking surveillance photographs/videos to gathering witness statements, PIs can gather valuable evidence of your suspicions that can be then used in court by the client’s custody lawyers. The evidence that has been gathered will help the person who is looking for the custody of their children to have a better case when it comes to the court process. Men quite often use PIs to try and get evidence as a way to gain custody. The divorce system has traditionally favoured women when it comes to child custody. However, times are changing. In a divorce court, men can now use a Men’s divorce lawyer to help them win custody of their child. This, alongside PIs evidence, can help them get custody.

Asset Division

Along with custody decisions, dividing community assets is typically a major aspect of a divorce. Any valuable marital assets (real estate, bank accounts, etc.) will need to be split between you and your spouse. A skilled PI can help you uncover assets you didn’t know your spouse had, including secret bank accounts. The court will also take into consideration any community property assets your spouse used to conduct an affair. For example, if your spouse used funds from a joint account, or gave a piece of community property to the affair partner, the court may make that up to you in the final judgment.

The PI Bottom Line

Private investigator services can be helpful throughout your family law case. Prior to separation, you can determine if assets are being moved or used to expose an affair. After separation, a PI can investigate and document if a restraining order or other court order is breached. And after the divorce is final, a private detective can compile evidence to back up child custody modification requests, or help determine if a spouse receiving support has remarried or is cohabitating.

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Private detective services can help you get the answers you need during your divorce. For more information on how our PI services can help, contact BrightStar Investigations today.