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When You Should Hire a Private Detective for Child Custody

If you’re in a custody battle with your ex-partner, you may be thinking about using a Colorado private detective for a child custody case. A private detective – aka private investigator (PI) for child custody will be able to get vital information for your case. The information a private investigator gathers can be instrumental in helping you keep custody of your kids. Here, we’ll take a look at when you should consider hiring a Colorado PI’s services to help you gain custody.

Private Detective’s Investigation for Child Custody

Whenever married couples  with children divorce, the ensuing battle for custody can easily get messy because emotions are often running high. There may even be claims of abuse and neglect that can have an impact on the child custody decision. 

If this happens to you, you might need  evidence that proves your innocence or otherwise strengthens your case. For example, if someone has falsely accused you of neglecting your child, you’ll have to find proof the charges are false or not admissible. Conversely, if you’re accusing your former partner of neglecting your child, you’ll need proof of the crimes to provide to the  Colorado court or jury hearing your case.

A Colorado private investigator can help to ensure the Colorado court works out everything with your children’s interests in mind. He or she can carry out investigations to guarantee your child’s safety. He or she can also obtain essential evidence that you can present in court.

Types of Child Custody for Private Detective Cases

You may be fighting for several types of child custody:

Legal custody – Gives you full rights over decision-making when it comes to what’s right for your children. 

Physical custody – Means your children will live with you in your home.

Sole custody – Means your children will live with you. You’ll also receive legal rights of decision-making for your child.

When the court has awarded you sole custody, it can still award your ex-partner visitation rights. However, he or she cannot make any decisions about your children or where they’ll live.

If you and your ex-partner get joint legal custody, you’ll both have a say when it comes to making decisions about the children. The court will become involved if there’s a major disagreement, though.

If the court gives you joint physical custody, your children will live with you for some of the time. They’ll then live with their other parent the rest of the time.

Considering Your Children’s Best Interests

When it comes to deciding on which type of custody to award, the court will consider your children’s best interests. There are many factors to bear in mind when determining the child’s best interest. In some cases, the determining factors will be clear. For example, if abuse is a factor in the relationship. In other cases, though, the courts need more subtle information to decide.

The court decides which parent is best able to support the children. It considers where they will be able to live most safely. The court also considers the mental and physical needs of the children and their parents. One further consideration is the presence of other family members who can help raise the children.

The court considers the stability and lifestyles of both parents. It considers:

  • Any criminal records
  • Any evidence of abuse or neglect
  • A history of any violence
  • Use of drugs and alcohol

When Can A Private Detective Help for Child Custody?

A child custody private investigator can help you supply the court with evidence to ensure it makes the right decision. A PI can be especially helpful if you believe your ex-partner of neglecting or abusing your child. He or she can gain proof of this behavior that will persuade the court to award you custody. 

With little or no evidence, your word will be against that of your ex-partner. Without proof, your word will carry little weight in court. A Colorado private investigator will be able to gather information that will guarantee the court meets the best interests of your children.

Which Information Can a Private Investigator Obtain to Support a Custody Case?

PIs can obtain a wealth of evidence to support your case for child custody. They can do this through:

  • Surveillance – A private investigator will observe how your ex-partner cares for your child. He or she to see if abuse or neglect is taking place. Private investigators are also very skilled at determining if drugs or alcohol are involved. Furthermore, he or she will be able to testify as to your ex-partner’s home environment and behavior.
  • Witness Statements – These are powerful forms of evidence. The investigator can interview independent witnesses to verify the other parent’s conduct, suitability, and character.
  • Background Information – Good private investigators can carry out background checks on your ex-partner. Looking into their background will determine whether he or she has sufficient finances to care properly for your child. It will also turn up troubling history, such as criminal records.

Types of Case a Private Investigator Can Help With 

All child custody cases are different, but a private investigator can help with the following:

  • Custody disputes
  • Violation of custody agreements
  • Neglect and abuse cases
  • Proof of cohabitation 

Here at BrightStar Investigations, we can help with all types of child custody cases. We understand the fear and stress that can accompany a child custody case. Give us a call and let us put your worries at ease; we are here to help. 

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