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What are Private Investigators Allowed To Do in Colorado?

Private investigators have different remits in different states determining what they are and are not allowed to do. What one state permits an investigator to undertake may not apply in another state. If you’re planning an investigation in Colorado, you’ll need to know what the state allows private investigators to do. Here is a quick overview. 

What are Private Investigators Allowed to Do in Divorce and Infidelity in Colorado?

Many people come to private investigators in Colorado to determine whether their spouses are unfaithful. If you’re suspicious that your partner is having an affair, an investigator will be able to tell you the truth. You can be assured that private detectives exercise extreme discretion in tailing unfaithful partners. They often also  supply audio or visual evidence, if necessary. Private investigators handle countless infidelity investigations every year. So, if you need peace of mind or confirmation of the truth, look into a hiring a private investigator. 

What are Private Investigators Allowed to Do in Child Custody Cases in Colorado?

Child support and child custody investigations in Colorado can help ensure your child’s wellfare and safety.  A child custody investigation will guarantee a noncustodial parent isn’t abusing or neglecting your child. 

Private investigators in Colorado are also able to run missing persons and asset searches. These will help you to get the child support payments that a Colorado court has awarded you. Evidence has shown that almost half of noncustodial mothers default on support. This evidence also shows that more than a quarter of noncustodial fathers default on their support. Therefore, there’s often a need for a private investigator’s services. 

Criminal Investigations and Background Checks

A private investigator can research those you work with or date to determine the truth about their backgrounds. Around 1 out of every 3 adults in the U.S. population has a criminal conviction. Therefore, it makes complete sense to run a background check on anybody who you plan to put your trust in.  Only private investigators can run checks like these accurately, discreetly, and thoroughly.

Missing Person Inquiries

A missing person investigation could help you find children, parents, or other family members who have disappeared. There are more than 600,000 people in the United States reported as missing every year. A private investigator can help you locate your lost loved ones.

Home Security and Surveillance

If your Denver or Colorado Springs area home needs better security, a private investigator can help. You’ll be able to work closely with your investigator to balance your privacy and security for safety and comfort.

Paternity Testing

A child locator and biological parent investigation can help an adopted person find his or her roots. This is especially helpful for those who require their biological family’s medical history.

Accident and Abuse Investigation

Incidents of domestic violence affect 10 million people every year in the United States. Private detectives’s are allowed to investigate  accidents, incidents, and abuse in the home, which are common. Accident investigation can supply the necessary evidence victims require to take their attackers to court.

Using Civil Investigators to Uncover the Truth

Civil investigators can get excellent results. They often work in close conjunction with criminal investigators, uncovering all types of criminal activity. Attorneys in Colorado frequently use a civil investigator to gather the essential evidence and information they need to win a civil case. 

Also, more plaintiffs than ever before are hiring a civil investigator independently. With both an attorney and investigator on board, plaintiffs are having more success in their cases. 

Corporate and Business Cases

In business and corporate cases, a civil investigator is allowed to  uncover complex information about company management. Through the use of surveillance, asset searches, witness location, computer investigations, and due diligence investigations, investigators can reveal the truth. 

For Colorado companies that face fraud, due diligence, and other lawsuits, these investigations are very helpful. Businesses affected by trademark infringement or theft of their secrets can also profit from a civil investigation. An investigator can find the required evidence to commence a lawsuit to help businesses get compensation for their losses.

Personal Injury

What are private investigators able to do in personal injury cases? Quite a lot! Anyone injured in an accident or by a defective product can benefit from using a private investigator. Private investigators can uncover any evidence of recklessness or neglect. They can supply this evidence to enable victims to get the compensation they deserve for their costs and medical bills.

Workers’ Compensation

A civil investigator can use the latest surveillance techniques to uncover evidence of fraud regarding workers’ compensation. Colorado companies can use this evidence to guard against paying fraudulent benefits to workers who can actually work. Investigators can also help individual workers to obtain evidence of incomplete compensation payments.

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