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Hiring a Private Detective vs. Calling the Police

The Police Answer to Everyone. When Hiring a Private Detective, They Answer to You

People who may be considering hiring a private detective often wonder why they should do so instead of calling their local police. After all, why spend money on a Colorado private investigator when you’re already paying (in taxes) for investigators who work for the public?

In reality, while there exists some overlap between the work of private detectives and the work of police detectives, there are significant differences in what they can and cannot do. The decision about hiring a private detective often comes down to what an individual wants to accomplish, how fast they need results, and how much control and involvement they want to have in the process.

Hiring a Private Detective Because They Investigate  Many More Types of Cases Than Police

The police are in the business of enforcing the law. Enforcing means investigating criminal offenses, arresting those they suspect of committing them, and handing those folks over to prosecutors to face criminal charges. But adultery is not a criminal offense. Locating a birth parent, lost love, or someone who owes you money is not a police matter. Conducting background checks on potential employees or romantic partners isn’t what cops get paid for, and police departments have better uses of their time than helping a lawyer prepare for a personal injury case.

Those are just a few of the assignments Colorado Springs and Denver private investigators take on that police will not. If the reason you want or need a PI does not involve or relate to a crime, calling the police proves a waste of your time – and theirs.

Even When a Crime Exists, Police Have Thousands Of Others to Deal With

Police detectives along the Colorado Front Range have hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. Those clients are all of the citizens of the Colorado cities and counties that employ them. And all of those clients create lots of work for detectives, who spend their time investigating countless crimes each year.

If you or a loved one was the victim of a crime, or suspect that someone is engaging in an offense that affects you, like embezzlement or fraud, it can consume and upend your life. You may have a lot of money and emotions tied up in getting to the bottom of the matter. But no matter how important your case may be to you, it is just one of the hundreds of files that may sit on a police detective’s desk.

That’s not to say that Colorado police detectives aren’t committed to their jobs or determined to solve crimes. They most certainly are. But they may not have the time or resources to dedicate to all of the crimes on their plate. They also have to prioritize some matters above others. If you suspect an employee of embezzling from your company, for example, that simply will not get as much attention from police detectives as a homicide case.

Hiring a Private Detective Puts You In Control

Rather than answering to a chief, a board, and a community, a private detective answers to you. The client gets to tell their PI what they want to accomplish, and the PI, in turn, will tailor their services to that request. While a police detective can’t control how many cases pile up, a good private investigator will only take on the number of assignments they can handle effectively and responsibly.

No matter what the nature of your request, a private detective will make it a top priority. Your case will matter to the PI as much as it does to you, and they will spend the time and effort needed to reach your goals as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Importantly, since they answer only to you, the nature and purpose of the case, as well as your identity, will remain confidential.

Quite simply, hiring a private detective is often the only way to get the information and results you need when you need them. View the money you spend as an investment that will more than pay for itself, and puts you in control of the process rather than being at the mercy of an overworked police force.

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