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Why It’s Important for VIP’s & Executives to Hire a Private Investigator

Corporate Private Investigator

One group of individuals that need a private investigator the most are VIP’s and Executives. A common misconception is that a VIP or an Executive would only need the help of a private investigator AFTER something has gone wrong in their lives; IE, divorce, stolen assets, threats of blackmail, breach of data, unwanted photographs published online for the public to see, or a myriad of other potential hazards that life may throw their way. The notion that a VIP or an Executive needs a private investigator after these events have occurred is simply not true, and I’m going to tell you why.

At BrightStar Investigations, I take a proactive investigative and intelligence-related approach to helping VIP’s and Executives. A private investigator with such a long history of working in the intelligence community is just what a VIP or an Executive needs to help protect their very private and valuable information from people who have nothing better to do in life but cause harm. Listed below are several ways that BrightStar can provide a VIP or Executive with critical investigative and intelligence services.

What Can a Corporate Private Investigator Do?

  1. Executive Threat Assessment

An Executive Threat Assessment is one of the most comprehensive and eye-opening services that I have provided to VIP’s and Executives. I have conducted Executive Threat Assessments for Executives all over Europe and as far as Pakistan. When conducting an Executive Threat Assessment, I am looking for information that may be available online that could cause harm, damage, or potentially blackmail to my client.

I have found executives credit cards with full CCV and expiration date. I have also come across very provocative and reputation destroying emails that were published publicly—and the worst part is, the client didn’t know. Finding these items, combined with finding a VERY public social media account that belonged to a child of an Executive, that listed travel itineraries, personal information, and other personal photographs, made for a very eye-opening and helpful report that assisted this Executive reduce his risk of being blackmailed, having his family targeted by malicious individuals, and gave him the security of knowing that his digital footprint is cleaner today than it was yesterday.

When I do a Threat Assessment for an Executive, it’s not a question of if I will find harmful information; it’s a question of what.

  1. Helping a VIP or Executive Disappear

VIP’s and Executives typically enjoy being private people. Who can blame them? Their attention is constantly held by meetings, colleagues at work, fundraisers, emails, phone calls, not to mention the pressures of ensuring the success of a company, and the list goes on. Since VIP’s and Executives are privacy-minded people, they are looking for solutions in both their professional and personal lives that can help themdisappear1 reduce the amount of information that they are putting out into the public square—and also trying to reduce the chances of having their very personal and valuable information intercepted by a malicious entity.

When it comes to helping a VIP or an Executive disappear from the virtual world, several steps must be taken. First and foremost, an Executive Threat Assessment must be done. Second, once the Threat Assessment is complete, multiple privacy ‘utilities’ must be installed on a variety of the VIP’s or Executives devices. Third, the investigator must conduct some ‘cleaning up’ of the client’s presence on the web. And the final step is ongoing monitoring—yes, monitoring. BrightStar Investigations has access to software that can monitor the internet on a continual basis for keywords, and also monitoring for impersonations. It’s just like having your own private intelligence agency at your disposal.

Whatever your needs are as a VIP or an Executive, BrightStar Investigations is ready to provide solutions to protect your most valuable assets.