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What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open Source Intelligence is the collection & analysis of public information that gives decision makers more options, more insight, and more strategic power.

An Example of How Internet Intelligence Works

A prime example of how Open Source Intelligence works is with Corporate & Executive Threat Assessments. At BrightStar Investigations, our Corporate and Executive Threat Assessment Analysts scour the internet for data leaks, breaches of trust from employees, and internet posts that expose a companies proprietary secrets. In addition, BrightStar’s Open Source Intelligence Analysts also examine a Corporation or Executive’s digital footprint to examine if there are areas where the Corporation or Executive could be blackmailed–or if any information exists online that could cause irreparable harm to the Corporations reputation, image, consumer trust, or bottom line. It's better that we find it in an assessment before hackers, journalists, or adversaries can. Moreover, this in-depth Threat Assessment gives Corporations solutions to fix the areas of data vulnerability.

How Open Source Intelligence Increases Corporate Value

Having more information may seem like an advantage–but if the information is not analyzed, processed and delivered in a way that makes sense, it’s just a lot of noise. The advantage of BrightStar’s Open Source Intelligence is not just found in the deep level of information that we uncover–Our proven value is found in our world-class analysis of seemingly ordinary information, and then turning that information into valuable intelligence for your company and it’s executives. The fact is, there is a lot of information that exists on the internet. You and your corporation need Open Source Internet Intelligence to stay relevant.

1) Threat Monitoring

2) Generating Dossier’s on Adversaries
As discussed in a previous blog, conducting a thorough background investigation on an adversary may be what your company needs to gain an upper hand. Imagine having the luxury of reading a complete intelligence file on an individual before you enter deliberations. It is always better to know what you don’t know, and to not let the other side know that you know it. Internet Intelligence will give you the power to to walk into any situation with an adversary with a full knowledge of that individuals vital statistics, personal history and lifestyle choices.

2) Analyzing the Word on the Street
Want to know what people are saying in the office? Internet Intelligence can unlock the world of company mood, whether good or bad. In addition, if your company suspects that something bad is going down, either internally or externally, you can walk into any mediation with the evidence to prove your case.

3) Internal Investigations

So, something already bad has gone down in your company. Are you monitoring the social media of those involved? Have you archived the social media of those involved? Does your archiving technology assign an MD5 hash to each piece of evidence? Our technology at BrightStar does. Have you dug into the digital footprint of those suspected of doing harm to your bottom line? If you answers no to any of these questions, you need Internet Intelligence.

A New World
Whether we want it to happen or not, we are entering—or have already entered a new world….an internet driven world. There are going to be two types of individuals in this new world. Individuals who resist technology, and individuals who embrace technology and use it for their strategic business advantage. The faster you embrace Internet Intelligence, the faster you can get ahead of the competition. Which person are you?

To see some Corporate Internet Intelligence in Action, check out this video right here: