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7 Typical Examples Of Private Investigator Cases

Private Investigators Provide Crucial Evidence and Assistance In a Wide Range of Matters

examples-of-private-investigator-casesLike many things on TV or in movies, the examples of private investigator cases they show on screen can be much more dramatic than what occurs in real life. But the work that PIs in Colorado Springs and Denver do for their clients in the real world is no less important. The people and companies who hire private investigators do so because they have a matter that means a great deal to them, whether personally, legally, or financially. In turn, private investigators commit themselves to use their training, experience, judgment, and resources to accomplish their client’s objectives thoroughly and discreetly.

Those objectives can relate to lawsuits, family relationships, business dealings, or other subjects. Here are seven common examples of private investigator cases in Colorado:

1. Divorce and Infidelity Investigations

The end of a marriage often involves the loss of trust between spouses. That loss of trust often arises from suspicions of infidelity or other misconduct and can continue during divorce proceedings to matters relating to finances, assets, and child custody.

Individuals who suspect that their spouse is having an affair can hire an infidelity private investigator to confirm (or deny) their infidelity.  Infidelity investigators can use a variety of methods, technology, and techniques to catch a cheating spouse. This may include advanced surveillance involving equipment and technology unavailable to others. While it may be traumatic to learn of a spouse’s infidelity, it can provide the innocent spouse an advantage in aspects of their divorce proceedings.

In divorce proceedings, it isn’t unusual for a spouse to try to reduce their spousal maintenance or child support obligations by concealing assets or engaging in other accounting shenanigans. When these attempts at deceptions are successful, they can result in asset division and financial arrangements that are inherently unfair.

It is no surprise, then, that divorce and infidelity are quintessential examples of private investigator cases. Private investigators can dig deep into a person’s financial affairs and find undisclosed investments, flagrant or excessive spending, and any other conduct related to the movement or concealment of money and assets.

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2. Child Custody Disputes

Colorado Springs and Denver judges make child custody decisions based on what’s in the best interests of the child. Private investigators are often called upon by Colorado child custody lawyers to expose evidence that one parent is acting in ways that are harmful to the child and their best interests. This can include evidence that suggests or shows that the parent neglects or abuses a child, exposes them to dangerous and inappropriate people or environments, or abuses drugs or alcohol. Such evidence can cause a judge to doubt a parent’s fitness and make decisions about custody and visitation accordingly.

3. Finding Missing Loved Ones

Locating a missing person is another common example of private investigator cases. Skip tracing is the science and art of finding people who can’t be – or don’t want to – be found. People hire private investigators to locate hard-to-find individuals for several different reasons.

Often, those reasons are deeply personal. Family members can go missing, leaving loved ones concerned and wondering about their safety and well-being. An adopted individual may want to find their birth parents, or a client may want to find a spouse or child who severed their relationship and cut off communications with a parent or a spouse and suddenly leaves, seemingly never to return.

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4. Serving Legal Papers

Businesses and individuals also rely on skip tracing to find individuals who make extraordinary efforts to avoid the service of legal papers necessary for a lawsuit to proceed or to enforce a judgment. Private investigators can locate and serve papers – called process serving in Colorado – on people who have seemingly fallen off the map, as well as those who try to hide from service and have a talent for making themselves scarce.

5. Trial Preparation

Trail preparation is another typical example of private investigator cases.  All lawsuits involve two primary things: the law and the facts. Lawyers may know the law, but uncovering crucial facts and evidence is not always easy. It may require a commitment of time, resources, and expertise that a busy attorney may not possess.

Private investigators can gather evidence, locate witnesses, and conduct surveillance on a party to undermine their claims or defenses. At every point in the trial preparation process, a private investigator can use their experience and talents to provide the attorney with an extra set of highly trained eyes and ears.

6. Social Media Investigations

In today’s world, just about everyone, including your grandmother, is probably on social media. This makes it a prime example of private investigator cases. Whether in the context of a lawsuit or otherwise, social media and other online repositories of information can contain a motherlode of evidence. A social media investigation by a Colorado Springs and Denver private detective can provide valuable legally gathered evidence that exposes employee fraud or misconduct or that attorneys can use in criminal, family, civil, and personal injury cases.

7. Background Investigations

People keep secrets. Sometimes, those secrets matter to others who are in or are about to embark on a personal or professional relationship. Prospective employers, people dating a potential love interest, and neighbors may want to make sure that what they see is, in fact, what they’re getting in terms of a person’s background and history.

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