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Questions to Expect During a Free Consultation with a Private Investigator

If you’re arranging a free consultation with a private investigator, you’ll feel more comfortable if you’re prepared. Being prepared will ensure you get all the information you need. Preparedness will also guarantee your Colorado private investigator gets a clear picture of your requirements.

There are many reasons you may be visiting a private investigator. Perhaps you think your spouse is cheating and you want proof. Maybe you’re involved in a child custody case. Perhaps you need help with trial preparation. Or, maybe, you’d like to run background checks on a prospective employee or partner. A Colorado private investigator can help with all these needs, among others as well. He or she will, however, need the answers to some key questions.

Private investigators cannot get the best results from their investigations if you don’t provide enough information. During your free consultation, therefore, the private investigator will ask you several questions. Bring your personal information databases such as address books, cell phones, etc.,  so that you are prepared to give clear and full answers. Accurate and concise information will equip your investigator with everything he or she needs to start. 

With this in mind, we’ve outlined some questions you may be asked during your free consultation with a private investigator to ensure you’re properly prepared. 

Your Free Consultation with a Private Investigator Will Ask If You Have Any Suspicions or Information

If you’re hiring a Colorado private investigator, you probably have some evidence of suspicious behavior. You should be ready to be open and honest about your suspicions. If you have any evidence or information, you should share this with your PI, too. This will give the investigator a good place to begin his or her investigation. 

Do You Have Photographs to Bring to Your Free Consultation with a Private Investigator?

If you need a private investigator to track someone they will ask you to supply photos whenever possible. Photos will guarantee the Colorado Private Investigator can easily identify the individual when surveillance begins without any possibility of misidentification.

Can You   Supply Addresses?

When tracking somebody, it’s helpful to have addresses of any relatives or friends that person visits regularly. Addresses are extremely helpful with cheating partner cases since it rules out that address as a potential threat. When GPS tracking shows your spouse visiting a certain address, it won’t be a cause for concern. It’s also useful to provide a schedule for the person you want the private investigator to track. Schedules, along with any regular variations, will help your private investigator build a clearer picture of the person’s activities.

Can You Include Vehicle Information?

Tracking a vehicle will require you to supply certain information. To track a car, your private investigator will need its make and model, license plate number, and color. Car details will guarantee your PI’s job is easier, and he or she can get on with tracking immediately.

How Will Your Private Investigator Contact You?

You may want to avoid alerting a spouse or other person to the investigation. If you require anonymity, you’ll need to supply a safe phone number or e-mail address. Safe contact information will allow your investigator to contact you securely without tipping off the other party. Providing contact information is an especially important question to be ready for during your free consultation with a private investigator. You need up-to-date information on the investigation’s progress.

Being Prepared for Your Free Consultation with a Private Investigator

Like with any major personal project, you want to be well-prepared for your free consultation with a private investigator. The better prepared you are, the more you’ll get out of the investigation. We know it can be nerve-wracking to visit a private investigator. However, you can rest assured there’s no judgment, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Many people from all walks of life use the services of a private investigator. You don’t need to be ashamed or humiliated when seeking a Colorado private investigator’s help. 

However, no matter the reason for visiting a private investigator, you must be honest and frank in your approach. If you try to hold back when answering questions, you’ll only be making the investigator’s job more difficult. If you give full answers to the PI’s questions, you’ll have the best chance of getting the outcome you desire. 

Even if you feel awkward or embarrassed about the answers you have to give, it’s best to be upfront. The more detail your private investigator has to work with, the quicker he or she can get to work. 

In your free consultation with a private investigator, you’ll also have a chance to ask questions. Don’t worry about asking anything you need to know. The best private investigators in Colorado want their clients to feel confident and comfortable with the process before proceeding with the investigation. 

Here at Bright Star Investigations, we’re happy to answer all your questions and give you the advice you need. As Colorado’s most trusted private investigators, you can rely on us for all your investigation needs. So, contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

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