Missing Person Private Investigator in Denver

Do you need to know the location of a “missing” person? Skip tracing is how you locate someone who can’t be found in their regular places like home or the workplace, especially if that person owes money or is evading service. Typically performed by a bail bondsman, bounty hunter, debt collector or private investigator, skip tracing is the use of investigative tools to collect information on and track down an individual who has “skipped” town.

How Does a Private Investigator Find Someone That Just Can’t be Found?

The process of skip tracing in Denver is a challenge we are always ready to meet. We utilize a proprietary method of finding people that has a proving track record of success. One asset that we use to find people is our high-powered databases. These databases are used by law enforcement, private investigators and legal professionals, and are not available to the general public. Often times, our proprietary databases can find:
• Change of address using the three major credit agencies (Not a Credit Report)
• New Movers
• Phone number or mobile provider information
• Utility information
• Driver’s license or DMV registration
• Court records or traffic violations
• Other highly valuable public records
Missing person private investigators search for changes of address, information about friends or relatives who may have the knowledge and new phone numbers or other contact details. But effective investigation work may involve more than just looking through records or data analysis. It can require talking to people who may know the “skip” with the aim of drawing out more clues. Trained investigators are experts at getting people to talk more and share information that they may not have planned on giving out that will help with locating a person in Denver.

>Why Hire a Private Investigator for Skip Tracing Services?

There are many reasons why you might hire an investigator to do skip tracing. In addition to locating someone who is evading service, child support, a missing relative or long lost connection.

Sometimes, families may want to locate a missing individual who appears to have left voluntarily (in other words, the person isn’t considered to have been coerced or met with foul play and isn’t the subject of a law enforcement search). This may be for personal reasons, to deliver an inheritance or to collect on, for example, unpaid child support. A private investigator can help locate the person or determine if that person has died or been jailed.

You may want to try and find a missing individual yourself. While do-it-yourself skip tracing can be done, you may not have access to the records or have the experience to properly analyze the data for information. Even paid online databases that offer to find anyone can be difficult to navigate and may have outdated information. A professional investigator is much more likely to find current information and to be able to contact a skip.

Finding the Best Skip Tracer in Denver

BrightStar Investigations has excellent skip tracers. They are well trained and understand what they can do legally to find a missing person, whether that’s to find someone evading service, missing child support, or simply answer the questions of family members who have been “skipped” out on.

You are most likely to get good results from hiring a private investigation firm like BrightStar Investigations. Our experienced investigators and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and get you started locating your missing person. Contact us today at 303-357-3262 to learn more about how we can locate someone who is evading service, or who is simply out of touch.