Child Custody Private Investigator in Denver

Child Custody Private Investigator Denver

How do you know if you need a child custody private investigator in Denver?  If you suspect your child is in an unsuitable environment when he or she is with the other parent or guardian, you may be considering suing for full custody. Too often, however, child custody cases turn into a “he said-she said” situation in court.

Without clear evidence that your child is being neglected or abused, is in a living situation where crime or drug and alcohol abuse is rampant or is otherwise being harmed, you may not win your child custody battle.

That’s why you need a professional child custody private investigator in Denver. A qualified private investigator can provide unbiased evidence of a child’s care that can be admitted into a divorce or custody case. Hire our services today by calling our Denver office at 303-357-3262 today!

4 Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator in Your Child Custody Case

When you begin a child custody investigation in Denver, you want an investigator who effective at gathering evidence that can be presented in court and is experienced at testifying in civil court. Here are four tips to make hiring a private investigator a breeze.

1. Know What The Problem Is

Is the other parent violating a lawful order from the court? Habitually committing contempt of court? Are you afraid that drug, alcohol, physical abuse and/or neglect are occurring? Please let us know. Our investigators have heard many problems and scenarios related to child custody. When you call, we are ready to listen.

2. Know Who Are You Dealing with

Is the other parent controlling or narcissistic? Are you dealing with a person who thinks that they can get away with anything and that the rules don’t apply to them? Are they using every dirty trick in the book to cause havoc in your life? If this sounds familiar, it’s because we have seen these traits in other parents many times. We have the right experience and expertise to investigate people with these personalities and help give you back the power and control that has been taken away from you.

3. Talk to an Investigator

When you call BrightStar Investigations, we are ready to listen to your very important case. When you speak with an investigator, we will want to know what evidence you have related to custody issues, even if that’s not admissible in court. We will ask for dates and times that the bad activity is likely occurring. We will also ask for detailed information about the other parent and their patterns of life. This information will help us to assess your situation and provide insight into the situation using our investigative expertise.

4. Put Your Investigators to Work

At BrightStar Investigations, we understand the tremendous responsibility that accompanies child custody investigations. In fact, we consider child custody investigations to be among the most critical investigations we do. When you hire BrightStar Investigations to work on your child custody case, you’ll be getting a team of some of the most experienced top-flight investigators the industry has to offer. In fact, just hiring a private investigator can take a tremendous weight off of your shoulders because you will have a team of professionals working for you!

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Understanding What a Child Custody Private Investigator Will Do

As your private investigator, we will be working on your behalf to get evidence and information for you. You are our priority, and you will be able to reach one of our investigators by cell-phone at almost any hour. Depending on your very unique circumstance, we will more than likely conduct surveillance, background investigations, and possibly interviews of individuals that are important to your case. In court, evidence and good testimony win cases, and we are experts at doing both.

Hire the Right Private Investigation Team in Denver

Time is of the essence. If your child is in a dangerous environment, you need to talk to professionals who can start getting you answers. BrightStar Investigations works quickly and professionally to get the evidence you need for your child custody investigation.

Call us at 303-357-3262 and talk to one of our experienced investigators to get your investigation started today.