Castle Rock Private Investigator

BrightStar Investigations founder and Chief Investigator is Craig Smith, a leader in the investigative & intelligence community.

About Craig
Throughout his career, Craig has worked on projects for CENTCOM, the Iraqi Directorate of Intelligence, attorneys, private clients, international executives, ethical hackers, and Fortune 500 companies. In 2007, Craig trained underprivileged youth to collect intelligence in a program sponsored by the FBI and the Great Lakes Intelligence Initiative.

Craig specializes in covert surveillance, witness interviews, mobile forensics, background investigations, intelligence collection and comprehensive investigations. Brightstar Investigations group is spear headed by Craig and does work in Castle Rock, Colorado as well as Denver and Colorado Springs. With the population of Castle Rock  booming there is a need for a strong group of private investigators to protect yourself and prevent any unfavorable situations. If you live in the Castle Rock area or are moving their for personal or business reasons hiring a private investigator such as BrightStar Investigations can go a long way in keeping you safe and providing you with peace of mind. Knowing where you’re going to live and work in Castle Rock can keep you and your family safe and out of harms way. Hiring the right Castle Rock private investigator is more important than ever with so many people establishing roots in the area.


Surveilling a High Value Target from over a Mile Away. Mission Outcome: We won.

Car Serve
Conducting a High Risk Serve in Colorado Springs. 

Going Low
Covert Surveillance in an Undisclosed Location.

Craig holds a BA in Intelligence Studies with a minor in the Arabic language from Mercyhurst Universities Institute of Intelligence Studies, and a MS in Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Craig speaks, reads and writes Arabic, and is a Middle East cultural and subject matter expert. He is also an instructor at the Private Investigator Academy of the Rockies. Craig now uses his private investigative skill set in Colorado with strong support and connections in Denver, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.

About BrightStar Investigations

BrightStar Investigations is a full range private investigator agency that offers information solutions to individuals, lawyers, corporations, intelligence consumers, law enforcement, and government clients.

BrightStar Investigations specializes in comprehensive private investigations, and merges the modern world of technology with classic and proven investigation methodologies to bring our clients the most comprehensive information gathering solutions available on the market.

Whether you’re investigative needs exist in the physical world, or on the web, BrightStar Investigations stands ready to deliver valuable information to you in a way that is accurate, reliable, confidential and lawful. Below are the services we offer and specialize in whether you live in Denver, Castle Rock or Colorado Springs. A private investigator is more important than ever with advancement of technology and a booming Colorado population.

BrightStar Investigations Specializes In: