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How to tell when my Spouse or Partner is Cheating

Signs your spouse is cheatingCheating is one of the most difficult experiences any couple can go through. The emotional stress and pain can seem unbearable. When you feel like something is amiss in your relationship, the most important thing is finding out the truth. Are they really cheating on you? Do you need dna testing Meridian ID to make sure your children are really yours? Do other people know? The truth is very important but how can you find it? The truth is, your instincts are one of the most important senses in a relationship, and if you are having any doubt about your partner’s fidelity you cannot ignore it.

We have compiled a list of a few telltale signs of cheating, which should help you take the first step discovering the truth. If any of the signs look a little too familiar to you, you might want to call a professional private investigator.

3 Signs to Tell When Your Spouse is Cheating on You

The Disappearing Act

Your husband has been coming home from work at 6 PM for the last 5 years but now he isn’t home until 9 PM. He says that he is working on a big project and must stay late but you’re not so sure. Staying away from home longer than usual does not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating but it is a pattern to watch out for.

Pro Tip from the Investigator: This one can be a tough one to figure out from a distance. If you are in this scenario, having a set of eyes to see what he does after he punches out can be tremendously helpful.

A Brand New Look

Your girlfriend has recently accumulated a large amount of new clothing. She says that she wants to “reinvent herself” but you suspect that she may be reinventing herself for someone else. Your boyfriend has recently picked up a new obsession with going to the gym. This is uncharacteristic of him and you are wondering what is up. They may also be using their phone more regularly with apps like Tinder prominent for cheaters. You may want to do a Tinder search by name to find out more about your partner’s habits on the app.

Any of the above scenarios could indicate that someone is cheating. You really want to pay attention to anything that is outside of the norm for your partner. If your girlfriend always dresses to the T, then you don’t have to necessarily worry if she goes on a shopping spree. On the other hand, if she is normally a sweatpants kind of girl but is suddenly wearing dresses and heels, something may be amiss.

Pro Tip from the Investigator: One of the most common signs I have heard is ‘Staying Late at the Gym.’ Unless you are married to, or dating Mr. Universe, your significant other doesn’t need to be at the gym for 3 hours.

Change in Attitude

Maybe your partner is happier, more energetic than usual. On the other hand, he or she might be more defensive than usual or asking for a lot more “me” time. Whenever you notice a significant change in attitude, it is a good idea to hire a private detective to confirm your suspicions.

Pro Tip from the Investigator: When a partner gets emotionally disconnected, they typically begin an emotional relationship before a physical relationship. A HUGE telltale sign is phone hugging, changing the phone’s password and hiding the phone. In fact, I have even heard of people sleeping with the phone under their pillow. If it’s gone this far, we should talk.

You have a right to know whether or not your partner is cheating on you. Don’t let your suspicions go or avoid dealing with it. Instead, hire a private detective to help you find out the truth. Private detective services can help you get the answers that you need.

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