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Cyberbullying – How Parents Can Take Action

Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic among our youth. In recent years we have witnessed an explosion of Social Media and the Internet as a platform by which teens (and adults) communicate. The wild frontier of the Internet and Social Media has given friends and family instant access to their loved ones. Unfortunately, that instant access is also available to cyberbullies as well.

Cyberbullying on Facebook

The social and emotional ramifications of Cyberbullying can be catastrophic. According to two psychologists who spoke with, “Victims of bullying can suffer from social difficulties, internalizing symptoms, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa.” In fact, teen suicide as a result of Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic. The Internet is full of real cases that involve teen suicide as a result of Cyberbullying.

What to do When I Discover my Child is Being Cyberbullied?
Perhaps you noticed that your child has withdrawn recently. Or, perhaps you have noticed that your child does not want to go to school. Maybe you checked your child’s online behavior on your home computer. Maybe your child told you himself.

No matter how you found out that your child is being cyberbullied you know that you have to do something about it. BrightStar Investigations specializes in getting key evidence to stop Cyberbullying. It will be crucial that you hire an investigator with the experience and technology to get the bullying to stop. Listed below are several steps that BrightStar Investigations will take on your behalf to stop Cyberbullying. You may also wish to start taking action with how to go about talking to and treating your child should they show signs of any lasting impact from the bullying, such as this teen depression help at Honey Lake or similar, should you notice their mood, behavior, and overall demeanor to have changed from the experience.

1) Preserve Evidence
The strongest evidence that exists against a Cyberbully is the information that is online. Preserving this evidence in the first 48-72 hours can be crucial. Information can be deleted from the Internet. And despite the fact that information may be stored on a server somewhere, you as a parent will not have access to that data without a court-ordered subpoena. That’s why mobile forensics companies are so important in most online court cases. Mobiles can be full of information that could help a court case, so it’s important that attorneys get in contact with companies that can access this vital online data to use as evidence. BrightStar Investigations responds to Cyberbullying cases immediately to preserve the damaging evidence that has impacted your child.

2)BrightStar Investigations will Find Patterns of Abusive Behavior
After evidence is collected pertaining to your child, BrightStar Investigations will scour the Internet for other areas where the Cyberbully has attacked other victims. This is a crucial step because if you decide to file a lawsuit or go to the police, having significant and detailed patterns of behavior of the Cyberbully will be a major advantage in winning your case.

3)BrightStar Investigations will Write a Dynamic and Compelling Report
When all of the evidence is collected, the next critical step is having a dynamic and compelling report written. The reason that this is so important is because a school administrator, law enforcement officer, or attorney will be able to make faster decisions if the evidence is presented to them in a format that is visually appealing, logical, and is written in a way that makes sense to them.

4)BrightStar Investigations will Present the Evidence in Person
Evidence has been collected. An impacting report has been written. BrightStar Investigations does not stop here. We go with you to present our findings to a school administrator, law enforcement official, or an attorney. In addition, if the other party is willing, we confront the Cyberbully.
Bottom line: BrightStar Investigations will get the Cyberbullying to stop.

If you are a parent whose child has been the victim of Cyberbullying, don’t wait. Take Action and call BrightStar Investigations