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The Benefits of hiring a Private Investigator

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Detective

For many people, the thought of a Private Investigator brings up images of old movies, with a PI hiding in his car taking secret photos. For others, a Private Investigator is someone you would only call in an emergency.
In reality, Private Investigators, also known as Private Detectives, carry out a wide range of tasks that can help people in relatively mundane, but important personal or business matters. In very general terms, PI’s can help people gather information. They often need to be trained though, having the right private investigator training can make private investigators a lot more effective at collecting information. This could be information about a potential employee, a potential investment, a new business partner, among many other scenarios. It’s important to carry out thorough risk management when dealing with business partners or third-party vendors through solutions offered by Aravo or other means.

When Would I Need a Private Detective?

There are a great many situations in which a PI may be beneficial to you.

Business Affairs

If you run a business or employ staff in any capacity, you will likely have the need to verify information about your employees. Employees that engage in fraud, theft, business espionage and violations of non-disclosure agreements are perfect examples of areas where a private investigator can investigate and provide businesses with peace of mind. In addition, private detectives also provide surveillance services on disgruntled employees that may be a threat to a business. Conversely, private investigators also conduct surveillance on employees that may be misappropriating company equipment, stealing company equipment, giving away free services, or engaging in nefarious activities.

Another situation in which a PI could be able to help is in the case of embarking on a new business venture. You may be considering establishing a business relationship with a relatively unknown person, such as starting a new business together, and you want to double-check their history and credentials before taking financial and personal risks. A PI can conduct a background check and fully brief you before you make the final decision.

Similarly, a PI could be useful to verify information about any investment. If you are considering investing in a company, organization, or anything else, it is worth your while to ensure the company, group or individual concerned is completely above board. A Private Detective can research the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Private Investigators can also assist in matters of workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the reality is that a significant percentage of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent, which can cost businesses large amounts of money in unnecessarily paid claims. Using surveillance and other means, a PI can investigate and verify the truth or otherwise of claimed injuries.

Personal Matters

Private Investigators can help individuals gather information on personal contacts. This may be checking that a new partner is telling the truth about their background, or confirming or disproving suspicions that help catch a cheating spouse.

Private Detectives can give assistance in child custody cases, by conducting surveillance to make sure the child or children are safe, and that the parent(s) are abiding by their custody agreements set in place by the courts and law firms like Private Detectives then present this evidence to the court to help establish the truth about the child’s welfare and safety.

PI’s may also be able to assist individuals to locate another person. There could be any reasons for trying to locate someone, such as a birth parent, adopted child, relative, long-lost friends, or missing spouses, co-workers or employers.

Conversely, in the current digital age, it is increasingly common for individuals and businesses to be adversely affected by information posted about them on Social Media or other sections of the internet. If you suspect that there may be images or material online that could damage your personal reputation or your business, an online Private Investigator will be able to navigate the remotest corners of the web check your Social Media presence, to track down any adverse information, and get you the answers you need.

Criminal Defense

Private Detectives conduct criminal defense investigations on behalf of law firms and those accused of a crime. Attorneys and legal teams often face challenges in tracking down and interviewing witnesses. Private Detectives can be extremely beneficial by using their expertise to locate missing witnesses and conducting interviews with witnesses. Private Detectives often work closely with criminal defense attorneys, conducting investigations, interviewing victims, and conducting surveillance to gather evidence to disprove false charges and allegations.

What do Private Investigators do?

Many people often ask this question, as they do not have a clear picture of what Private Investigators actually do. Private investigators can perform background checks, whether on individuals or companies, in order to help resolve some of the situations described above. In order to gather this information, a Private Detective might search public records (such as court filings, state and federal tax liens, judgment, bankruptcies and hidden assets), interview relevant individuals and validate reference checks to form an accurate background check on someone. In the cases of locating an individual, PI’s may use public records to determine new names and addresses, and/or interview people to track someone down.
Private Investigators can also carry out surveillance, which can be useful in many situations, including investigating fidelity and the legitimacy of workers’ compensation claims. In cases where the truth is difficult to bring to light, surveillance can be critical in delivering positive results. A thorough surveillance operation conducted by a professional Private Detective will bring the truth into the open and get you the answers you need.

On the other hand, legitimate Private Investigators will never use or install electronic listening devices, as this is absolutely illegal. However, the planting of electronic listening devices does occur, and so many Private Detectives offer the service to check and remove devices from your business or home.
From time to time, Private Investigators work closely with law enforcement agencies, using their expert knowledge and services to protect the community. This work may involve anything from conducting surveillance to serving subpoenas and investigating cold cases.

It is likely that at one time or another, you will be able to benefit from the services of a Private Investigator.

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