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Attorneys Can Now Scan The Social Media of Jurors

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I have great news for attorneys today. The American Bar Association (ABA) just announced that attorneys can scan the social media accounts of jurors. This includes potential jurors, sitting jurors, and even goes as far as when jurors are in deliberation!

Social media has always been a powerful tool for attorneys. In fact, close to 700 court cases have been decided by social media being the key evidence at trial. What are the implications of attorneys being allowed to use social media to examine jurors?

I am sure that your head is already full of ideas; especially if you’re an attorney.

As a private investigator, I specialize in the scanning, collecting, archiving and monitoring of social media accounts. The proprietary technology that I use at BrightStar Investigations allows me to archive complete Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts–did I mention that I can gather this information in real-time?

Why is this important?

The reason that real-time collection is so important is due to the fact that people can delete posts that they have made. Come on….admit it. How many times have you deleted a social media post? With the archiving technology that I use, I can archive social media posts in real-time…..which means that if the post gets deleted You Still Have It Because I archived it! That level of information gathering is powerful and could be worth its weight in gold at trial.

If you’re an attorney, you owe it to yourself, your firm, and your client to conduct a diligent examination of jurors—both before they go to trial and during. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Allow the professionals at BrightStar Investigations to gather information to give you the maximum competitive edge at trial.

Give us a call today to discuss how BrightStar Investigations can give you the critical information you need to win your case. The best part is; the internet has no borders. We can collect this information and deliver it to you all online.

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