The Status of TrueCrypt

I have to admit it. I was shocked when I heard that TrueCrypt had been compromised. After working with professional hackers that have experience in top level intelligence operations—who by the way depended on the use of TrueCrypt AND taught me how to use the software–I was floored when I heard that this software is now unreliable.

I still can’t believe that this amazing piece of open source software is being erased from the net. However, I have a plan. I am going to wait this one out and let the audits come back. In fact, I have found a repository where the stable versions of TrueCrypt are archived for use. As a matter of fact, GRC is advising that TrueCrypt is still safe to use. You can find the information and the repository of TrueCrypt here:

Will I still be using TrueCrypt? Until I hear some better evidence that it is totally and completely unsecure and unreliable — only time will tell.