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Making Your Case: How Private Investigators Can Assist Attorneys

Are private investigators expensive?On May 5th, 2011, The Economist ran a two-page story about a sea-change facing the legal profession. Thanks in part to bankruptcy, securities litigation, and regulation issues, many law firms across the nation are discovering that the old way of conducting business is no longer conducive to the needs of their clients. Gone are the days of lucrative mergers and acquisitions where clients did not mind paying high legal fees. Instead, clients are now demanding that they receive the same level of representation, but at a much more affordable price.

So how do attorneys meet client expectations without sacrificing quality? For many attorneys the answer is simple, hire a private investigator. Private investigators can conduct the same legal legwork often reserved for first-year associates for a fraction of the cost.

Are Private Investigators Expensive for Attorneys and What Do They Do?

How can a private investigator help with your case?

Help Prep for Depositions

As any litigator will tell you, depositions are often a critical element of every case. Which is why it is vital to have someone on your team, like a PI, that can gather valuable intel on all involved in the case. Often from law enforcement backgrounds and highly analytical, investigators provide key insights that can be vital to your case.

Collect & Review Electronic Evidence

It is fair to say that technology plays an integral part of our day to day lives. Do you suspect an employee of fraud? Or perhaps you suspect your significant other of infidelity? Regardless of the source of your suspicions, it is becoming common practice for attorneys to hire investigators to conduct audits of electronic files such as emails, internal documents, social media posts, and texts. Investigators are frequently hired to identify and analyze electronic files.

Locate People

Are you looking for a key witness to your case? Is your client looking to locate her birth parents? By conducting web searches and utilizing public records from state & federal agencies, investigators can track down the current address and phone number for just about anyone.

Find Hidden Assets

Are you in the middle of an expensive divorce? Do you suspect your spouse of hiding valuable assets like real estate, bank accounts or artwork? Investigators have access to a variety of restricted proprietary databases that contain valuable intelligence they can use to locate financial assets domestically and abroad. If you’re trying to separate but want to avoid the court process, you can always try mediation. It can cost less than a divorce, and anything the investigator finds may still help your case. Firms like could help you negotiate arrangements out of the court.

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