Corporate Threat Assessment

Headlines are all about the latest company to fall victim to hackers and catastrophic data breaches.
But every day companies give away mission critical data for free without ever knowing.

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These self-inflicted data leaks take a heavy toll on the bottom line. Data leaks cost business millions each year. You invest a tremendous amount of time and money protecting your information from external sources and attacks. But what are you doing to protect your sensitive data from inadvertently or intentionally leaking outside your corporate walls?

Craig Smith, Chief Investigator of BrightStar Investigations is a data leak expert, and has worked with ethical hackers, unidentified government agencies, and corporations to help them identify information security breaches and data leaks. BrightStar Investigations can help you identify where the leaks are so you can stop the bleeding of proprietary information that is costing you money and consumer trust.

Risks from Within

Data leaks have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

  • Intellectual property theft costs U.S. business about $250 billion each year.
  • The U.S. economy loses an estimated 750,000 jobs due to intellectual property theft.
  • Insider attacks have become the number one security threat for U.S. businesses, topping traditional threats like worms and viruses.
  • Financial fraud is the single most costly type of attack, while the loss of customer and proprietary data comes in at number two.

Sources: The U.S. Commerce Department and the 2007 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey

Know Your Company’s Risks

Keeping your company’s mission critical information secret and protected is a strategic move. Don’t play checkers while your adversaries play chess. You must stay ahead of your competition and take strong counter measures to protect key assets. It’s your move. Let BrightStar Investigations conduct a comprehensive threat assessment so you can identify vulnerabilities and outright data leaks. We can help put in place counter-intelligence activities that prevent competitors and/or enemies from discovering your secrets.

Employee Misconduct – Malicious or Unintentional

People can be your greatest asset and can be your company’s greatest risk. Disgruntled employees, those impacted by major corporate restructuring, downsizing or even normal turnover can open you up to data leaks and loss of critical information, intellectual property or key sales data. And, email is one of the worst places for data leaks to occur. One ill timed “reply all” and your marketing strategy can be broadcast to any number of groups outside the company. You also may be facing an insider or outsider who is engaging in sabotage to hurt the company. BrightStar Investigations can assess your risks and find vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited or leave you open to future problems.

Know Your Adversaries

hire a private investigatorDoing business today, means knowing your adversaries, what direct threats or attacks they represent and what they are saying about you online. They can do real financial damage to your business. Taking a proactive stance is the only way to compete and stay ahead of those who aim to hurt your business. It means knowing your competitors and what they are saying and doing online as well. What information are they broadcasting that can give your company a competitive advantage? BrightStar Investigations offers counter-intelligence and competitive intelligence solutions to help smart management teams like yours WIN.

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