Board of Advisors

rick-johnson Colorado Investigator

Rick Johnson

Rick is president of Rick Johnson and Associates of Colorado and, has been a private Colorado investigator since 1986, specializing in family law, public corruption, business and legal issues. He is founder and president of the Colorado Society of Private Investigators, and is President and founder of the Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies, rated the fifth best class room training program in the country.


robert-johnsonRobert Johnson

Robert (Bob) Johnson has been in the public practice of accounting for thirty-four years. His practice specializes in forensic accounting, fraud investigations, fraud prevention development, dissenting shareholder and adversarial dissolutions, economic damage calculations; representation/investigation of civil and criminal income tax cases; special circumstance business valuations; Expert Witness engagements, civil and criminal.

He has been qualified and testified as an expert in Federal and District Courts in both civil and criminal matters and has been appointed and served as a “Special Master” within the 4th Judicial District on numerous occasions. Mr. Johnson has conducted over 300 litigation/investigation cases over the past ten years, ranging including Homicide, Arson and Embezzlement Cases.